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Интервью за чашкой чая Ч3 "Предназначение, энергия и надутые щеки"


#Biohacking. Basic process. Part 1 . "About poor #lipids put in a word»

www.you-awake.co.uk/blog So, we continue talking about fats or lipids, started in the last article. And I apologize in advance for using scientific terms that I will try to explain to you in simple language. Why would I try to do this? It would seem that I can tell you everything in the form of a fairy tale like:"once upon a time there was a girl named Cell and she thought about what she would eat today for a lunch" ...But...I really respect you and hope that you are already went out from childhood. I immensely love and respect fairy tales and legends, cause in they are encoded very serious knowledge and instructions, some we will analyze on the course, about some others we will talk in other articles, but! On topics related to scientific developments, I will use the language that will allow you to independently understand the subject after some time. So… The molecule of simple lipids consists of a molecule of alcohol and fatty acids, and consists of three elements C -

#Biohacking. Basic process. Part 2. "About poor lipids put in a word"

#Biohacking. Basic process. Part 2. "About poor lipids put in a word"   www.you-awake.co.uk/blog  To imagine the picture:" you are going to the subway and suddenly, right in front of your eyes, the person pales and faints "or a little more" soft situation":"you are sitting at the table at work and suddenly someone next to you, begins to complain of a headache." The #pain grows, the person gets worse, trying to help him, you start rushing around the office in search of someone who has a pill for #headache. Presented? Now, tell me, "what do they have in common?" You are fully right! - the common thing between them is that we see the final #violation of #blood #circulation. Why final? Because as a result of a chain of consecutive disorders that the body could not compensate, we have sad results, that doctors will call #cardiovascular diseases. But under this expression: "# violation #of blood circulation " there are sever