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Is it possible to use technology to read information, or hunting on the witches Part 3

Part 3
So, why do the rules arise: “who can, who cannot, and what tools are allowed, and which are not?” Let's start with the fact that we will try to identify the main groups of tools: - Using itself as tools - Not live instruments - Created by human and having a carrier (cards, coins, beans, etc.) - Created by man, but do not have a direct carrier and are essentially calculation systems (astrology, I-Ching, BA-JI, Qi-men, etc.) - Natural (clouds, rivers, etc.) - Vital instrument - Still living (behavior of groups of animals, bees, etc.) - Dead (predictions on the insides, etc.)
Note that the prophets and saints in fact used direct methods – they had turned to God, received an answer and reproduced it. This is very close in terms of technology to the natural way, the only «but " - is the identification of the channel of obtaining information as a divine channel
Among other systems, it makes sense to separate the calculation systems, vital still living and natural from the rest. Why?

Intuition: how to learn to trust it?

Very often we are faced with such a problem: I had known how it would happen, but I had been done all with another way. Why?
Let's first define the concepts. What is intuition?Here's how it stands for Wikipedia:
Intuition( from latin. intuitio — "contemplation", from the verb intueor — gaze) is the ability property of the person to understand, to form and to unravel the meaning of events, situations, objects through insight, insight, instantly subconscious conclusion based on imagination, empathy, and previous experience, "flair", insight.

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired. Different writers give the word "intuition" a great variety of different meanings, ranging from direct access to unconscious knowledge, unconscious cognition, inner sensing, inner insight to unconscious pattern-recognition and the ability to understand something ins…

" I know" or " the first steps in predictions and forcasting" part 2

Part 2

Why do we face with such problem as no matching between obtained and the actual information?
1. You should always remember that the quality of the received information  is influenced by a number of factors and main of them are: ·Your physical condition·Physical condition of a person, who come to you
·Emotional state of a person, who come to you ·The focus of attention of you both
·Your ability to understand how your "translator " is working in the real moment
2. You need to clearly understand where we are at the time of taking of information and see the options of the developing of events

3. We must remember that the past and the future are multivariate. It would seems absurd: how can the past be multivariate? And if in the relation to the future we can somehow still imagine this fact, how can it be in relation to the past?
These questions we will analyzed on the lessons

Is it possible to use technology to read information, or hunting on the witches Part 2

Part 2

So, from the very beginning, person possessed intuition as a built -in tool of interaction with the environment, as well as all living beings on this planet possesses it. 
And because all living life processes obeys evolution laws, we are all different, and that is the reason why someone have some abilities more pronounced than others. 
Naturally, as long as people lived in small groups and somehow all of them were forced to use intuition the difference on this basis was not significant and did not cause much concern . But as soon as people begin to live in larger settlements, there is a more significant differentiation and then there is a natural allocation of such a professional group as the soothsayers and fortune-tellers.
And the further a person moves away from the natural environment and natural, unregulated relations in his life, the more he needs tools to work with intuition, because in the eyes of others they serve as evidence of the legitimacy of this ability and confirmat…

Is it possible to use technology to read information, or hunting on the witches Part 1

Since ancient times, people have tried to find out: - What await them tomorrow? - Will the hunt be successful? - Where to find the best stocks of berries? - Will it rain? - Will it sun?
And intuition in these circumstances was the natural tool of survival, and those, who could accurately answer these and similar questions, were used in the tribe's respect.

However, over time, the change in the structure of social relations has led to the fact that the dominant role and primacy in the society began established not on the basis of real qualities, which are brought advantages to the tribe/society, but on the ability to take a certain place in the hierarchy. In the same time, there was beginning monopolization of the right to use this and many other natural human properties / functions.
If you look, this change is clearly correlated with changes in the attitude to nature and its forces - nature has become perceived not as a natural environment, of which we are a part, but as a hostile struc…

What training to choose or why my results are not stable??

So ... maybe you are already taken part into courses on the development of abilities, or some training on motivation and self-development, you took an active part in it and on the training you have gotten good results, or maybe not everything was good,but still you were inspired, because after some of exercises you had gotten good results. 
But when you came home, and it turned out that you can not repeat the result or it is far from what you had at the training.   You start to worry, try again and again, but...the result does not impress you. You go to another training and the situation repeats itself: the result is not stable. What is it? You can start telling yourself, "Apparently I don't have that kind of talent" or "Apparently I need another coach" or...you can tell yourself anything, and even to obscuration to start training, but the result are still  far from the expectations...and maybe you have begun to feel frustrated, which would either make you quit, …

" I know" or " the first steps in predictions and forcasting" part 1

Part 1 Do not be afraid of praise, do not be afraid of abuse,
Don't be afraid of the plague and famine, And the only fear only that, Who will say, "I know HOW it need!" Who will say: "People follow me! I'll teach you HOW need for you!"  Alexander Galich
Why did I decide to start my blog with this topic? I don't know...Really don't know...Maybe, for this you need to say "thank you" to one of my friends, who regularly turns to me for advice and at the same time invariably, when he receiving answers on his questions exclaims : "Yes , I know! That's exactly what I thought!!"? :) No matter, in any case, I thank him for the fact that I didn't have to think about where to start.
In fact, when you are just starting your first steps in this field and it doesn't matter who you are - the person, who will come with the question or the one, who will be answering on this question, first of all you have to underst…