Is it possible to use technology to read information, or hunting on the witches Part 3

 Part 3

So, why do the rules arise: “who can, who cannot, and what tools are allowed, and which are not?”
Let's start with the fact that we will try to identify the main groups of tools:
- Using itself as tools
- Not live instruments
        - Created by human and having a carrier (cards, coins, beans, etc.)
        - Created by man, but do not have a direct carrier and are essentially calculation systems (astrology, I-Ching, BA-JI, Qi-men, etc.)
        - Natural (clouds, rivers, etc.)
- Vital instrument
        - Still living (behavior of groups of animals, bees, etc.)
        - Dead (predictions on the insides, etc.)

Note that the prophets and saints in fact used direct methods – they had turned to God, received an answer and reproduced it. This is very close in terms of technology to the natural way, the only «but " - is the identification of the channel of obtaining information as a divine channel

Among other systems, it makes sense to separate the calculation systems, vital still living and natural from the rest.

 Because they are, in one way or another, are built on a system of observations and systematization of these observations, that is, in fact, when we are using them, we are faced with the results of processing and systematization of long-term observations and statistical data obtained from them, followed by binding to certain keys. Naturally, it is important to understand further
- Do you understand the relationship of these keys and data correctly?
- How accurately the data are calculated and compared?

To be continued....


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