#Biohacking. Basic process. Part 2. "About poor lipids put in a word"

#Biohacking. Basic process. Part 2. "About poor lipids put in a word"  

To imagine the picture:" you are going to the subway and suddenly, right in front of your eyes, the person pales and faints "or a little more" soft situation":"you are sitting at the table at work and suddenly someone next to you, begins to complain of a headache." The #pain grows, the person gets worse, trying to help him, you start rushing around the office in search of someone who has a pill for #headache. Presented? Now, tell me, "what do they have in common?" You are fully right! - the common thing between them is that we see the final #violation of #blood #circulation. Why final? Because as a result of a chain of consecutive disorders that the body could not compensate, we have sad results, that doctors will call #cardiovascular diseases. But under this expression: "# violation #of blood circulation " there are several processes, several of which we will now try to disassemble and "rewind the tape back" we will look for a safe solution.  And let's act like real #biohackers – let's start looking for weaknesses in the system, to understand what can be done in order to begin to influence the system.
So, what are the main issues we face in terms of cardiovascular disease?
The first is the state of the vessels, the second is the state of the blood.
What will regulate these states?
1. anything that causes a change in vascular tone
2. all that causes the condition of the vascular wall
3. all that changes # viscosity of blood
4. anything that changes the ability of blood cells to perform their functions
The development of these States will be influenced by : the state of the nervous system ( stress), the state of the humoral system (production of hormones and changes in the composition of fluids within the body), your diet and the state of synthesis and decay systems.
And in this list there are two items closely related to eicosanoids, lipids, which we began to talk about in the last article. These #
lipids, synthesized in the body, seriously affect on two of these processes. At the same time, the more double bonds, the more pronounced is the action to reduce blood viscosity, decrease thrombosis and vasodilation, the more leukocytes are activated, and the course of inflammatory reactions is accelerated, reducing the likelihood of their transition to chronic diseases.  You can tell me: it's all cool and wonderful, of course, but what should we do and how to look for these double connections? At home we have not yet equipped laboratories!!
Believe me, we can do without them, as long as you will remember the following information: the largest number of double bonds - 5 - in #omega-3 fatty acids, as an example-eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). It is found in fish oil, shellfish, diatoms and brown algae, fatty fish. Therefore, the use of these products will help your body: to save you from the consequences of #stress and #inflammation. Therefore, when you take any supplements at the pharmacy, pay attention not only to the presence of #omega-3 fatty acids, but also to their percentage with other fatty acids to understand the degree of effectiveness of what you buy.
To be continued



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