Bio hacking from bio hacker's school "Awakening" . Basic principles& first steps. Part 2
In the last article I outlined 7 "but", which we will take into account.  And let's start with the latter.
Of course, you can put on a mask of "new Russian" or "autocratic oligarch" and start to stupidly spend money even for the good purpose of increasing the life or restore health. You can try to make changes to your genome without understanding the consequences. And you can try to remember the main advantage of the "Russian approach": "on the knee", with a hammer and "such a mother"(" fuc***g") to do what others cannot doing, to causing surprise and to breaking forward with using simple, practical techniques. Let’s try?
No wonder I addressed you into the last article to the works of Anokhin, his genius allows us in a world, that forgets the achievements of the past, to take a step forward, looking back on two steps.
So, a functional system... was he the first in this field? Long before Anokhin, ancient Chinese medicine formulated the same postulates, highlighting the 12 main energy meridians, in fact, defined 12 functional contours.  As a result, even in the modern world it achieves results in treatment of chronic diseases. And if will we try otherwise? If will be we using an approach to the problem from the point of view of a holistic approach and new discoveries? Let’s Try?
Now to cut and make the first conclusion: our decision is going to be the budget, take into account the system response and the risks; it should be easy to use. Are you ready to try?
Let's get started!
Whether we will consider such areas as the changing genome, and implantation of chips? No. And not only because these methods are expensive, but also because was not gotten the real data on the security of these methods. Why am I talking about the lack of such data? Because the absence of pathological results every other day, month or year is only a justification for the possibility of use, but the relative confirmation can only be getting after period of observations during 20 years or more, with taking into account representative samples. The accumulation of changes and the expression of results in the body is going slowly, precisely due to the systems of checks and balances. Where to survive one will die the other. Would it comfort you to think, that you were the only one who died?
To begin with, we should to understand that afferent and efferent bounds do not contradict each other, there is no competition in the sense that we are accustomed to, there is only the logic of equilibrium States. Where the winner is the only one who plays, using the rule "win-win", for whom the visible short-term results is forcing  to look at the future with greater curious intensity.
Let's start with the "common" phrases: "Fats are harmful", "the Brain needs in sugars" and “the Body needs protein". Remember? Ask yourself: "If a cell has been using them for millions of years, why are suddenly formed the marketing preferences?", "Who benefits from the mess of concepts and meanings?", "Where good cocktail of the concepts of "feeding of cells" and "body nutrition"? and really have they an identical meaning or not?”
Let's analyze the first…
To begin with, let's define the rules and remember once and for all that there are no "bad" and "good" in the body, the wisdom of our body exceeds our "intelligence" by orders of magnitude, everything he does - does with one goal: to ensure survival, even if at first glance it is doubtful.
The first rule-we will be introducing concepts such as those are operated by professionals, we will be trying to speak on the one language with them, the theory we will be expounding simple, but in kindergarten we will be playing in another place.
The second rule – criticism-is an occasion, the goal-a step forward, respect-the main condition of the dialogue.
Now to be back to lipids, namely the so-called whole group of substances, that includes the so-called "fats. Why "so-called"? Because in our usual understanding, fats are those non-water-soluble substances that are represented by vegetable oils in our kitchen, deposits in the form of folds on our waist and the fact that we use to lubricate parts in the engine of the car, so that it works better. But... in the body there are some groups of lipids (triacylglycerols, phospholipids, sphingolipids, etc.) that manifest themselves as diphiphilic or amphiphilic compounds, i.e. able to dissolve in polar substances (hydrophilic) and nonpolar (hydrophobic).
On the properties of fats and why we need them to talk in the next article


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