Bio hacking from bio hacker's school "Awakening". Basic principles & first steps. Part 1

Not so long ago, there was begun the talking, about how you can to improve your efficiency and life span through changes in nutrition and the usage of various additives, and with the light hand of the pioneers this direction was called "bio hacking".
I think that this analogy is quite applicable, because the hacker enters into the system with a certain purpose: to change certain parameters of the system so, that it would work for him, based on the goals that he set for himself.
 The main difference between those who do it, unlike employees of pharmaceutical companies is that they conduct their experiences on themselves. This adds to the process with one side acute, on the other – trust, because you're responding for the results with your own health. But! Here are a few "buts" to which I should draw your attention:
1.            Initial state of the object
2.            Documentation of research and results
3.            Confirmation of results
4.            Repeatability
5.            Complexity & comprehensiveness
6.            Method's safety
7.            Cost

And from this point of view it is necessary to understand that carrying out this or that experiment it is necessary not just to understand the whole picture, but also to understand what this intervention can lead to - that is, to correctly understand the limitations of the system.
Because within our school we consider a person as a complex composite system, the work of which is depending on:
- state of the physical body
- psychological state
- level of interaction intensity
- surrounding space
 In the future, for simplicity, we will call it all "system"
The next point you need to pay attention to, is that, a person is not just a set of biochemical processes, having studied the parameters of which we can assume that the work on "hacking and reconfiguration of the system" is done. It is necessary to understand that in parallel in this system several adjusting filters are involved, and also this self-adjusting and adjusting system depends on a number of system interactions which influence needs to be considered without fail.
If we approach the question from this point of view, then we can note both the errors of the proposed methods and determine the degree of achievability of the result.
From this point of view, let's start to analyze the proposed methods.
So, one of those who first have been starting to talk about bio hacking in the Russian – speaking space is Sergey Fage (founder of the company, as he has said in his article for this purpose they had spent 200.000$ in 5 years. Who among the readers is ready to invest $ 40,000 per year to change yourself? I admit that there are such people, but there are many more that do not have such a budget.
Is it worth then to deal with this issue, if you have not so lot of money? I will answer absolutely accurately - " Yes." But with one condition: you must be willing to work on yourself consistently for at least a few months or years. Why? Because you need to clearly understand if your body is malfunctioning, then you definitely have to change how your lifestyle, and first of all to engage in the restoration of health. Naturally, this will take time. How many? Of course, everything will be dependent on how deeply damaged your system is, but roughly this period can be determined as follows: count how many years have passed since the first signs of your disease/condition, respectively, the minimum amount of time that you will be needed to recover, the same number of months. If the case is too neglected, the approximate calculation: one to one, that is, how many years are sick, so many years the system will be restored. If you are dealing with an acute condition, the calculation of time to restore the system will be different: the number of days of the disease is equal to the number of weeks it will take to recover. You can say: "Nonsense! I'm sick with the flu 10 days, what do I 10 weeks to recover?! Yes, I am within 10 days rise out and run!!". Yes, indeed, after 10 days you are discharged from the hospital, and you run to work, and you are forced to include in the usual whirlwind of your life, but during these 10 weeks, the body gradually restores the resources spent, while ensuring the current processes of life, if you give him this opportunity. The question is that very often we don't give him time to recover fully and actually this is what the reason for the recurrence of SARS is. We are talking about weak immunity, but the reason for this weakness is our absolutely irresponsible tactics that we regularly carry out in relation to our own body - the impression that it is our disenfranchised slave, which can be mercilessly exploited. Moreover, any minimal actions on our part should lead on the next day, well, in a week / month, the longest couple of months to a WOW-effect...but look back finally and look soberly at yourself and your actions: how long have you been living a completely different way of life? How many blocks have you changed in your mind and life? What are you waiting for?! I suspect that now many of you will quietly sigh and say the classic Bulgakov's phrase: "Go away, old lady, I'm sad!”- because their dream of a magic pill once again turned to smoke. What can I say in response? The good news is that when you include changes in at least three main blocks, you start to notice the results of your work pretty quickly, in a couple of weeks. The bad news - do not relax, because the "rollback" is much faster than the development of a new condition. Why is this happening? The fact is that, as were determined by the works of P. K. Anokhin and K. V. Sudakov, the work of our body is based on the principle of feedback between the various functional systems based on system's quantum of physiological processes- in the Central nervous system is the formation of a special apparatus, which laid the parameters of the future reinforcements ("harvested excitation"). Moreover, "metabolic demand mobilizes the various elements, tissues, organs, via the nervous systems and activities of special information humoral molecules in the system build, providing the total activity of these elements for the satisfaction of primary needs," and as a result "dynamic stereotypes take on the role of the genotype". That is, if you translate it into a language understandable to everyone, you can draw several conclusions:
1.            It does not matter what it was connected with: with the disease, with good events or bad, in any case, the brain is the formation of the core of the system, which is then activated when any activator is beginning done
2.            Implementation of the different processes into our body occurs not only by direct reproduction of information from DNA, but also due to the formed dynamic stereotypes
3.            Functional systems are activated both by signals inside the nervous system and by biochemical processes
What all this means and what to do with it will be discussed in the following articles


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